What Happens After a DUI Conviction?

Stiff penalties exist for Tennessee drivers convicted of DUI. This serious charge endangers the lives of so many people, including your own. It’s also easy to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car if you’ve consumed alcoholic beverages, making judges less lenient after conviction. Exactly what happens after a DUI conviction?

Go To Jail

Mandatory jail time for DUI offenders is in place throughout the state. A 48-hour sentence is required for a first-time conviction. You can be sentenced to up to 11-months, 29-days for the conviction. You face even more time behind bars as a consequence for subsequent convictions. A second DUI conviction has a mandatory minimum sentence of 45-days.

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Fines for a DUI conviction in Tennessee range from $350 – $15,000, depending on the number of convictions on your record. You will also receive a driver’s license suspension. Before you can reinstate the license, these fines must be paid.

DUI Classes

Another penalty that many people face when convicted for DUI is mandatory classes.  The mandatory alcohol classes for dui jackson tn teach more about the dangers of driving a vehicle under the influence and other important information. You are responsive for the costs of these classes, which you may be ordered to take for up to one year.

Vehicle Confiscation

A second DUI conviction may cause the vehicle to be seized by the police department/state of Tennessee. This is not something that happens in every DUI conviction, but it is a realistic possibility that you probably want to avoid.

Special Auto Insurance

Although not mandatory, a judge may also order you to carry a special type of auto insurance known as SR22. This coverage is put in place for drivers deemed risky drivers and is considerably costlier than traditional insurance coverage.