What Causes Joint Pain?

The joints are the parts of the body where the bones meet. They allow your bones to move around freely. There are joints in the shoulders, knees, hips, and the elbows. When your joints are achy or sore, it doesn’t require a visit to the emergency room, but does need your time and attention. There are many causes of joint pain. It’s important that you know why your joints are aching if you want to treat the pain. Arthritis is the most common joint pain condition but there are tons of other causes of joint pain, such as gout, lupus, bursitis, and others. It affects millions of people in the U.S. and thousands in the Jacksonville area.

Most people know when they’re in pain but it can be a challenge to decipher if the pain is coming from the joints. Many signs are there that shouldn’t be ignored. If you have warm, swollen, tender points, if your joints appear deformed, if it is difficult to move parts of your body or if it hurts to move these areas, or your joints are immobilized, get to the doctor at once to diagnose the cause of trouble and find the right treatment options for your needs.

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If you suffer from arthritis or any other type of joint pain, you can try many different at-home techniques to ease the pain. This includes using hot and cold packs, using water therapy, and over -the-counter pain medicines. Many of these treatments provide temporary relief that users appreciate. You should also make an appointment with the pain management jacksonville fl clinic. With a proper diagnosis, the doctor can provide new treatment options that you cannot find at home. These treatments may provide the relief that you want and need.